Music Fest 2016

Friday August 19th

Love You Miss You

6:00 PM Mountain Stage - Love You Miss You

Love You Miss You Vancouver-based Love You Miss You want to make you grin while you tear apart the dancefloor! This 8-piece horn-driven groove unit incorporates electronic elements to their funk roots. With heavy injections of Latin and Afrobeat traditions, their sound grabs you by the booty from beginning to end. ” It was nothing… Read More


7:50 PM Mountain Stage Stage - HighKicks

The MF’n HIGH KICKS Influenced by beer and love, this Calgary duo will fill us up with honest to goodness, sweaty, sing-along fuzz rock. “These guys are stoopid good, just rockin’ the shit out of it. Amazing.”  – youtube user gaucoin13 Facebook BandCamp Twitter

De Bruces a Mi

9:30 PM Mountain Stage - De Bruces a Mi

De Bruces a Mi Colombia reggae is coming to town! De Bruces A Mi have represented the Colombia reggae scene for over 17 years, performing for crowds all over Central and South America. Energy, strength and joy defies their shows; love, spirituality and political struggle defies their lyrics. “Effectively setting the mood for the rest… Read More

Saturday August 20th

Big Eli B Blues Band

12:45 PM Lake Stage - Big Eli B Blues Band

Big Eli B We are the Big Eli Blues Band, a Hard Blues/Rock group based out of the Columbia Valley. We have one studio album so far and have been playing music in the area for years. The group consists of Big Eli B on vocals, and guitar, Marty Beingessner on Bass and Dave Shaw… Read More

Sean Cronin and Friends

2:00 PM Mountain Stage - Sean Cronin and Friends

Cronin and Friends Invermere-born Sean Cronin was raised on Country, trained in Classical, steeped in Punk Rock, and brought to maturity as a Jazz musician. Cronin’s musical life is a testament to the diversity of his projects.  The set “Cronin and Friends” will feature styles ranging from folk to jazz to rock n roll. “He’s… Read More

Petunia and the Vipers

3:30 PM Lake Stage - Petunia and the Vipers

Petunia and the Vipers Referred to as the Savior of Country Music, Petunia is a man who exists in a different era, bringing the past forth as something new to be celebrated and not forgotten. Imagine David Lynch and Nick Cave had a baby that yodeled; with stunning vocal ability and a penchant for the… Read More

Annie Lou

5:00 PM Mountain Stage - Annie Lou

Annie Lou Annie Lou writes songs that have a way of breaking your heart and then putting it back together again. Steeped in old-time mountain, Appalachian, traditional country and bluegrass music, Annie’s beautifully creative songs and tunes range from rousing and boisterous to gentle and poignant. Annie’s music is original, rooted in tradition, and a… Read More

JJ Shiplett

6:00 PM Lake Stage - JJ Shiplett

Destined for a critically praised career ahead, JJ Shiplett’s is a true artist in every sense of the word. Rugged, raspy and reserved, bold in range and musical creativity, Shiplett’s alt-country sound has captured the attention of music fans across the country. “Shiplett offers songs that can make you believe in something in this hard… Read More

Bend Sinister

8:00 PM Mountain Stage - Bend Sinister

Bend Sinister Bend Sinister of Vancouver BC have evolved through numerous styles and absorbed a plethora of influences to become a band so refreshingly original that the struggle to categorize them is a losing battle.  All we know is that they love playing. And more and more people are finding out that they love listening…. Read More

Royal Canoe

9:30 PM Lake Stage - Royal Canoe

Royal Canoe This 6-piece ensemble from Winnipeg give you everything, but on their own manically hybrid terms. It’s one thing to reference a particular style, or even a range of styles. It’s another thing entirely to grab huge handfuls of sounds from pretty much anywhere, throw them all together and come up with something both… Read More

2016 Sponsors


  • Spring Creek
  • Haworth Development Consulting
  • Highland Crossing
  • CKUA Radio
  • Mortgage Alliance West
  • Wood Shop Productions
  • Summit 107FM
  • BC Arts Council
  • Pat O’Sullivan/Tony Bartoletti
  • Station Pub
  • Columbia Basin Trust
  • Regional District of East Kootenay
  • Mark Moneo
  • High Country Properties
  • SRL/K2 Ranch
  • Rocky River Grill
  • e-Know
  • David Stuart


  • Kanataa Inns
  • Circle Cafe
  • O’Reilly, Mike & Gail
  • Fubuki Sushi
  • Pete’s Marina
  • Columbia River Paddle
  • Trappeur Homes
  • TXN Installations
  • Syndicate Boardshop
  • RONA
  • Maxwell Realty
  • Kinsmen Club
  • Gerry’s Gelati
  • Circle Health
  • Artym Gallery
  • Windermere Valley Musicians Who Care

In Kind

  • Edibles Farm Cafe Catering
  • Invermere Liquor Store
  • Pizzeria Mercato
  • Kanata Inns
  • Collective Carpentry
  • The Valley Peak
  • Rotary Club
  • Local View Printing
  • Eggplant Studios
  • Fubuki Sushi
  • Safta’s
  • Tinhorn Creek Vineyard
  • Sign Artists
  • Kicking Horse Coffee
  • High Country Properties
  • Scheffer’s Foods Inc
  • Redeye Sales & Rentals
  • Home Hardware
  • Copper Point Resort
  • Arrowhead Brewery
  • Valley Foods

The Sponsorship program this year was a huge success, with local businesses and organizations supporting our fourth annual Festival. We would like to thank everyone who helped make our event such a huge success. Thank You!

Sponsorship Opportunities