Music Fest 2015

Saturday August 22nd

Stereo Three

1:00 PM Lake Stage - Stereo Three

Stereo Three Stereo Three consists of three Columbia Valley musicians: Steve Orr (vocals, guitar), Michael Orr (vocals, bass), and Bill Rainbow (percussion, vocals). Together, they have formed Stereo Three, a band that enjoys playing anything from a soft, ambient ballad to a heavy fuzz-crunchy mess. Their many shared influences, and also completely opposite tastes, give… Read More

Pharis and Jason Romero

1:45 PM Mountain Stage - Pharis and Jason Romero

Pharis and Jason Romero Pharis & Jason have just released their third record as a duet. It’s called A Wanderer I’ll Stay, and the timing feels perfect. After their second release Long Gone Out West Blues came out in early 2013, they found themselves with a highly acclaimed album, one with a “refreshing veteran spirit”,… Read More

Morgan Childs and Friends

2:45 PM Lake Stage - Morgan Childs and Friends

Morgan Childs and Friends Morgan Childs is a drummer living in Toronto, Ontario. Originally hailing from Invermere, BC, in that province’s mountainous East Kootenay region, Morgan spent 10 years on the Vancouver music scene before making the move to Toronto in the fall of 2009. During that time, Morgan has built an international career as… Read More


3:45 PM Mountain Stage - 36?

36? 36? began in the spring of 2006 as a solo basement recording project of a troubled 17 year old Taylor Cochrane. In August of 2006, Cochrane released the first full­length record ‘love.hate.bondage’, a 13 track angst­ridden release that took the current themes of hyper­violence and sexualisation in pop­culture to their extremes. Through both fictional… Read More

Close Talker

4:30 PM Lake Stage - Close Talker

Close Talker “Subtle earworm melodies and fluid harmonies set against tightly wound rhythms instantly remind us of Royal Canoe, Local Natives, and Vinyl Thief. Their new track ‘Burnstick’ feels close and tactile, like a hazy summer dream that lingers long after sunrise and well into falls crisp days.” – KickKickSnare Close Talker the exalted, young,… Read More

Devon Coyote

5:45 PM Mountain Stage - Devon Coyote

Devon Coyote Devon Coyote:Vocals/Guitar D’Arcy Booth: Bass/Multiple Instruments Rod Anderson: Drummer/Percussionist The name ‘Devon Coyote’ encompasses a vast musical project that has grown to be a snarling, pure and powerful sound. With the sincere songwriting and melodic guitars of Devon Bjarnason, the smooth and sultry bass lines of D’Arcy Booth, and the raw, animalistic drumming… Read More


6:45 PM Lake Stage - Zerbin

Zerbin ZERBIN released their LP ‘Darling’ on April 14, 2015. Self-produced by the band (Jason Zerbin and Peter Mol) and mixed by Dave Pensado (Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Elton John), Tom Dobrzanski (Said the Whale, Hey Ocean!, We Are the City) and Jason himself, the album displays a fresh and infectious incarnation of symphonic alt-pop, a mixing of the band’s Alberta roots and West-Coast home. Recorded over the course of six… Read More

Bocephus King

8:00 PM Mountain Stage - Bocephus King

Bocephus King Known for his worldly folk sound, Bocephus King (James Perry), has played music for crowds around the globe as well as collaborated with master musicians from all over the world, and quite fittingly. Bocephus King carries a sound from places near and far, familiar and foreign, rooted in folk tradition and infused with… Read More

Jay Malinowski and the Dead Coast

9:15 PM Lake Stage - Jay Malinowski and the Dead Coast

The Pacific Gyre (Good To Forgive, Better to Forget) by Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast Jay Malinowski and the Dead Coast You plan a vacation, not an adventure. A vacation is something you meticulously detail, leaving nothing to chance and no room for error, usually getting exactly what you expect, exactly what you want. An… Read More