MusicFest a HUGE Success!

Wow – Whoa – What a weekend! It must be said… the Invermere MusicFest ROCKS. Between our local girl-musician who has made it big, Miesha & the Spanks, The Dead South and every band in-between, this event brought out record numbers for our 6thannual Festival. With about 70% of the attendees who travelled to our valley for the Festival, this event is definitely becoming a destination event and an economic driver for our businesses. There are also a number of other significant events in the Columbia Valley that have established themselves as well organized and managed, significant and memorable gatherings that showcase this area as a special destination. And all this on the backs of many volunteers who work tirelessly because they love it, the local businesses who give both monetarily and in-kind, and grant organizations who provide funding for these events.

We share our gratitude and a million hugs to all those in the valley who ‘give’ and to those who came out to dance, listen and groove to the amazing live music at our outdoor beachside Festival! See you next year on August 16th& 17th.

Invermere Music Festival Committee

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