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Calgary’s clamor rock couple Miesha and The Spanks are wild with a touchy underbelly. Steadfast. In any case, with a solid craving for something new for the street. What’s more, wherever they meander: uproarious, shake, and roll. Envision Karen O in Jack White’s place on right on time White Stripes. Then again, Joan Jett fronting The Hives with a loading measurement of force pop tunefulness.

Framed by Miesha Louie in 2008, the first EP was discharged promptly to a few grounds radio approval. The fast recording and discharge would set point of reference for whatever remains of the Spanks’ profession a rambunctious energy to compose, record, discharge, visit, rehash, that hasn’t backed off. They have developed from simple alt-nation (S/T EP, 2008), twangy rockers (Mmmade For Me, 2009), punky scrappers (Mean/Fuck EP, 2010), and jangly power-carport (Gods Of Love, Split EP, 2011) to the uproarious and vast, transitioning minefield that is Girls, Like Wolves (2013).

Delivered by Canadian rock legend, Ian Blurton, Girls, Like Wolves is ten melodies louder and bigger than Miesha and The Spanks have ever sounded, encompassed by compositions and a characteristic soundtrack politeness the remote Kananaskis area. This consolidated with Blurton’s live-off-the-floor approach really uncover the harsh and-tumble unruly nature of this overwhelming and irresistible Alberta two-piece.

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