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good-ol-goats1Theo Moore and Angus Liedtke, friends since early primary school, were both experimenting with
different musical genres in Liedtke’s garage. They decided they wanted to try folk music. Theo had shown Angus bands such as Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, The Avett Brothers and more. So they thought they should get some more people to jam with. Theo knew of lead singer Nolan Ackert and suggested to Liedtke that we bring him to a jam. Liedtke says, “We got Nolan to sing us a song and we were amazed by the unique voice Nolan had. Right there, the spark became a flame and we made Nolan our lead singer.” They soon added experienced fiddler Angus MacDonald to the mix—a combination that was enough to secure the newly named Good Ol’ Goats a spot in a local talent showcase. The reception was overwhelming, and shortly after, they brought singersongwriter Joelle Winkel and drummer Julian Bueckert into the fold. Angus explains, “We were hesitant to bring him in, we thought he was too good for us. We knew that he liked playing heavier stuff and we thought he wouldn’t have liked it but he did and that made us happy”.

Songwriting is a collaborative affair: While Nolan is the chief songwriter for the group, all members of the Good Ol’ Goats have had a hand in song arrangement as well as penning songs that the band performs.

Angus MacDonald: “When the songwriter—mostly Nolan—shows up with a new song, or sometimes just lyrics or song idea, together we figure out chords or what capo to play it on and then we figure out where the bridge goes and things like that if Nolan has not already put that together. Sometimes he has a song ready and sometimes he wants us to figure it out together. Then everyone works out learning it at the practice and then we all get our ideas and give them: where to put rests, what to do with dynamics, where instruments come in and what sounds to have. We try everyone’s idea out before deciding to include it, alter it or move on. Usually the instrumental players work out their own harmonies, melodies and accompaniments to the songwriter’s original tune. We work together really well on this and it is the most fun part of being a band, since all six give ideas so we are able to vary our sound.”

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