Delhi 2 Dublin

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9:30 PM Waterfront Stage

Nurtured by equal parts raucous underground bass parties and all ages folk festivals, ​Delhi 2 Dublin​’s always distinctive sound has evolved over the past decade into its own decisive genre, freshly styled, “Subcontinental Pop” — a name that conveys both its deep South Asian roots and its expansive, crazy-fun appeal. The beautifully supercharged complexity of their sound flows from high-level folk, alternative-pop, with contemporary training, blended and delivered across an array of acoustic instruments — dhol, tabla, violin, guitar — and electronic beats, immersed in smart, heavy, sometimes gritty, and almost invariably joyful beats.

The band averages 100 shows a year in places that have ranged from grimy, mid-2000’s LA dispensaries, to Glastonbury and Burning Man, to performing as invited guests in the Kingdom of Brunei. This isn’t too shabby for a group that was essentially pulled together last minute for what was intended as a one-off performance at the 2006 Vancouver Celtic Festival. That initial public jam session instantly galvanized the festival attendees into wildly dancing fans of a band that technically didn’t even exist. The surge of performance invitations that followed ensured that the hypothetical band had to become a reality. They were instantly part of the fabric of Vancouver’s dripping-with-sweat electronic scene and California’s jam band festival circuit. This gift of immediately connecting with masses of people, pulverizing their inhibitions, and getting them moving, has been an intrinsic part of Delhi 2 Dublin​’s appeal.