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4:30 PM Lake Stage Stage



Unencumbered by sonic rules, this husband and wife duo from Invermere BC has a sound that floats wherever it wants and plants its creative seed wherever it lands. Songwriting mastery tangled deeply within the bewildering chemistry of Ben & Shilo Cameron has lead to the creation of “Free Yourself”, the band’s debut EP. Grinding synths, heavenly guitar, electronic beats and Grandma’s old accordion become the canvas behind set of rich story telling and intimate truths. Questioning everything, a bold blind eye has been turned and every rule that exists has been ignored to produce Free Yourself, a creative and emotional glimpse into the lives of a carpenter/producer and his mystical, acupuncturist wife. A rare fire burns within this bond and the music is a portal to centre of their unified universe.

Dandelions members:

  • Ben Cameron, recording engineer/producer/song writer, lead/backing vocals, rhythm/electric guitar, piano
  • Shilo Cameron on lead/backing vocals, violin, accordion, percussion, bass synth and keys



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