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boom-booms-thumbThe musical brotherhood of Vancouver-based band The Boom Booms began in BC’s glamorous tree-planting camps. Planting trees by day and creating and performing music by night for their tree-planting posse was a typical spring season for the childhood friends. Once the season ended, they kept the momentum going by producing their very own neighbourhood block party. The “Boom Boom Block Party” became a summer highlight for East Vancouver residents for four years and raised over $20,000 for organizations such as Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA); Contributing to Lives of Inner City Youth (CLICK); and The Music Tree, a not-for-profit foundation that is dedicated to raising awareness of ecological community projects through fundraising concerts and events. Co-founded by Aaron Ross and supported by The Boom Booms, The Music Tree is committed to “greening” the planet by inspiring people to get involved in community building and self-sustainability.

The Boom Booms have built a loyal fanbase that stretches across generations. The video for their feel-good party anthem, “When the Night”, reached #6 on the Much More Music chart in 2008 and was optioned for an episode of 90210. “Delivered”, a surreal banjo ballad that conjures up images of a jungle river baptism, garnered an award for Best Roots Song at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards in Nashville.

In 2011, The Boom Booms released their debut album ¡Hot Rum! – which earned the indie band a spot in the Peak Performance Project, BC’s most prestigious contest for emerging musicians. They went on to win second place and picked up a cash prize of $75,000, which enabled them to combine their passion for music, travel, and culture and led them to Brazil. With a camera crew on board to capture their journey, The Boom Booms ventured up the Amazon River. The footage that was captured was released as an online music and travel documentary called Boom Boom Brazil. The documentary explores the rich and unpredictable adventures of an up-and-coming band on tour in Brazil and raises awareness for the impact of the Belo Monte Dam. The band’s journey is punctuated by live shows, interviews with activists, jams with local musicians, and even a cameo by the band’s idol, Manu Chao.

“The experience was a crossroads both musically and spiritually for us,” says lead vocalist Aaron Ross. “It steered us from having a hobby and a way to see the world, to having a career and a way to change it.”

Since then, The Boom Booms have brought their high-energy live show to various venues across North America, including industry showcases at SXSW and CMW.

The band is currently recording a new album with Grammy Award-winning producer Chin Injeti and set to plant their first single, “Real Love”, in the Fall of 2013.

Aaron Ross: Lead Vocals/Guitar
Geordie Hart: Bass/Vocals
Sean Ross: Vocals/Cavaquinho
Tom Van Deursen: Electric Guitar/Vocals
Theo Vincent: Percussion/Vocals
Richard Brinkman: Drums

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