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36? began in the spring of 2006 as a solo basement recording project of a troubled 17 year old Taylor Cochrane. In August of 2006, Cochrane released the first full­length record ‘love.hate.bondage’, a 13 track angst­ridden release that took the current themes of hyper­violence and sexualisation in pop­culture to their extremes. Through both fictional story telling and self­deprecating reflection Cochrane established the eclectic, unapologetic and alienating sound that paved the way for the next two 36? releases.

Throughout the following year Cochrane fell deep in to a medication induced psychosis. As Cochrane’s madness grew deeper the projects he was creating became darker. In February of 2007 Cochrane released the directionless record ‘Your Protest Sucks’. The record focused on themes of hopelessness and hypocrisy. Beginning with an explosive critic of alternative and pop music culture and ending with a stripped down depressing self­reflection on Cochrane’s own desperation to be heard.

Falling further down the rabbit hole Cochrane reached the epitome of his insanity in the spring of 2007. Releasing the speedy disjointed mess of fuzz with the release of ‘Fistu Inhaf’ in June 2007. The record was an in­your­face offensive­for­the­sake­of­offending the listener, no apologies just true artistic release. Speedy songs born of a stimulated mind; distorted production reflecting a distorted perception of reality. ‘Fistu Inhaf’ was perhaps the most alienating and offensive 36? record thus far, while being the truest form of expression that Cochrane had released up to this point. A few weeks following the release of the album Cochrane experienced a mental breakdown, falling unconscious into an incomprehensible mess of lights and sound. Upon coming to, Cochrane decided that he either needed serious mental help or to stop taking his A.D.D. medication. Two weeks after going cold turkey, the depression, sleep paralysis and hallucinations stopped, but Cochrane found that without a stimulating feeling of hopelessness he was hard­pressed for inspiration. In the next few years 36? fell off the map almost completely as Cochrane enjoyed the fruits of a semi­regular existence.

In October of 2008 Cochrane joined a local 8­piece funk project aptly named The Kronic Groove Band, which included high school friend Mike Malkin and Scott White. Over the next 3 years the KGB played around Alberta and British Columbia before disbanding in March of 2011. Shortly after the break up Cochrane released a solo album under his own name titled ‘Acoustic’, this LP was released on June 30, 2011 as a collection of stripped down songs both old and new. Cochrane followed the release with another EP under his name on March 28, 2012 called ‘Cleaning Up’ this release presented Cochrane in a more serious light, with organically crafted sounds that highlighted the fresh reality Cochrane was existing in. By this time Cochrane had recruited a group of good friends to be his backing band. The band featured Luke Bowman on keys, Sean Hamilton on drums, Kimberley Ilott on aux percussion, Eric Svilpis on bass and Scott White on guitar. In September of 2012 on the cusp of their first tour instead of heading out as Taylor Cochrane and band the decision was made to change their name back to Cochrane’s original artist name 36?.

Upon their arrival home Cochrane released the EP ‘So You’re Caught up in the Web and You Can’t Escape: a survival guide to surviving the survivalists in a dogeatgod world’. It was the first record officially released by 36? in over 5 years, and the last record released that was performed, recorded and released entirely by Taylor Cochrane.

Over the next year 36? began it’s modern transformation. Bowman, Hamilton and Ilott left the band and Ryan Kusz joined in on Drums. Creating the arrangement that makes up 36? today, Scott White on guitar, Mike Malkin on bass, Ryan Kusz on drums, and Taylor Cochrane on keys, synth and lead vocals.

On February 14, 2014 36?released ‘where do we go from here?’, an eclectic mix of songs spouting sugary pop vibes and bursting with psychedelic walls of sound. ‘where do we go from here?’ asserted a more focused and elevated approach to an album than any of the previous 36? recordings and received critical acclaim throughout the Canadian media. On April 19 th , 2014 36? released ‘reprise’. A follow up album to ‘where do we go from here?’ that played through the same songs in completely different arrangements with only the use of acoustic instruments and household objects to create the sounds. The album had a very small release and was mostly overshadowed by the success of the previous record but clocking in at 36 minutes and 36 seconds long, it boasts to being the most organic and experimental 36? record so far.

Throughout 2014 36? became fully immersed in the Canadian music scene. Playing across Canada at a variety of music festivals through the summer time and participating in the first Peak Performance Project here in Alberta. Throughout the Peak Performance Project 36? took part in a series of showcases and conferences and ended the project in 3 rd place winning $50,000 which the band has planned to use for their next full­length album.

In May, 2015 36? is scheduled to release their newest EP ‘Tiger Tail’. The release will be timed for their showcase at The Great Escape music festival in Brighton England. It will then be followed up with a Canadian tour from Calgary to Toronto for NXNE music festival.

Talks of a split EP with local Calgary favorites The Ashley Hundred is also in the works for release in the late summertime.

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