Line Up

The Beer Gardens will feature Local breweries serving their tasty, fresh brews, along with BC Based Red and White Wines, sharing their fantastic flavours of summer! The MusicFest Food Village will offer a variety of reasonable priced international food & refreshments throughout. The Fest is enjoyed by all ages!

The seating set-up is Festival Style… bring your own seating and blankets! Low chairs have priority up-front of the main stage. Higher lawn chairs will be restricted to back and side locations so as not to block anyone’s view. Bleachers will also be available for seating.

Without our ongoing support from local businesses and organizations, these types of events would not be possible for CV Arts to support local artists. Sponsorship opportunities are available, 250.342.4423

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Friday August 17th

Miesha and the Spanks

6:00 PM Stage - Miesha and the Spanks

Calgary’s clamor rock couple Miesha and The Spanks are wild with a touchy underbelly. Steadfast. In any case, with a solid craving for something new for the street. What’s more, wherever they meander: uproarious, shake, and roll. Envision Karen O in Jack White’s place on right on time White Stripes. Then again, Joan Jett fronting […]

Elk Run + Riot

7:45 PM Stage - Elk Run + Riot

Since forming in 2013, Elk Run & Riot have made it their priority to write songs that reflect who they are and where they live. For the alternative folk outfit, that environment is Alberta’s Bow Valley in the Rocky Mountains, whose natural wonders greatly inspired the group’s third full-length album, Animalia. On the eight new […]

The Dead South

9:30 PM Stage - The Dead South

The Dead South have been described as outlaws and modern hillbillies, but the best way to describe the Regina-based band is fearless. They’re a rare musical commodity – a band that’s equally compelling on record as they are on stage. While The Dead South’s signature blend of bluegrass and classic folk is familiar, it’s also […]

Saturday August 18th

Madeline Tasquin & Sarabande

5:00 PM Stage - Madeline Tasquin & Sarabande

Instagram Facebook Hashtag #sarabandeband Imagine a freak teleportation accident in which the humour and harmony of The Boswell Sisters, the pop sensibilities of Dirty Projectors, and the folksy vocal blend of Red Molly are fused into a vocal trio combining all of that music-DNA. The result might sound something like Canadian songwriter Madeline Tasquin’s jazz-influenced […]

Mariel Buckley

5:45 PM Stage - Mariel Buckley

Few performers combine the lyrical heartfelt authenticity of classic country music with a steely eyed intensity that compels an audience’s attention like Calgary, Alberta’s Mariel Buckley. Amidst a sea of neon-Nashville superstars, Buckley offers a crunchy, roots alternative. Poignantly raw lyricism and thoughtfully arranged melodies are carried by her timeless vocal delivery – to create […]


6:45 PM Stage - WiL

William Mimnaugh (stage name WiL) is a contemporary roots artist who makes his home on Vancouver Island, Canada. Known for his firey live show, enigmatic stage presence and mad skill with an acoustic guitar, the 47 year old front man (he tours with a drummer and a keyboardist) is also known for penning ‘Roam’ flagship […]

Lion Bear Fox

8:00 PM Stage - Lion Bear Fox

Vancouver’s Lion Bear Fox is three huge voices joined as one, telling the truth through compelling story, honest narrative and unbridled passion. Three men going to war onstage every night to share a message of hope, vulnerability and redemption. Lion Bear Fox is “a musical force of nature”, an “emotional awakening” that’s sure to “be […]

Lindi Ortega

9:30 PM Stage - Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega gives fair warning: “Don’t come any closer to my heart /If you’re afraid of the dark.” However, that shroud is slowly lifted in Liberty. As the narrative unfolds in this concept album, a central character emerges – one who finally sheds the darkness of her past and emerges into the light. As melodies […]