Artistic overload on the Lake Stage

By Dan Walton
The Lake Stage will have concert-goers swimming in song and dance at Invermere MusicFest. “Hopefully we’ll conjure the sea,” said headlining artist Jay Malinowski. Malinowski is making the trip to Invermere with his band the Dead Coast. “For our show in Invermere we’ll have a string trio, plus myself playing piano and guitar,” he said. “We always want to do something different than the show before.” In an ode to sailors music, they’ve come up with a “Colonial classical” sound. The Lake Stage will be ready for Jay Malinowski and the Deadsea at 9:15 p.m.
Earlier in the evening at 6:45 is Zerbin, an indy-pop trio who hail from Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria. MusicFest is part of a cross-Canada tour they’re on to promote their new LP record ‘Darling’. They describe their music as “melodic symphonic prophetic alternative indie rock.”
At 4:30 Close Talker will take over the Lake Stage, an indy rock quartet from Saskatoon. They’re also taking a new album on a tour Canada. It’s called Flux, and was recorded last spring while their favourite hockey team – the Montreal Canadiens – were making a hopeful playoff run.
One of the valley’s favourite jazz musicians also has a slot on the Lake Stage – and he’s homegrown too. Morgan Childs and Friends will be live at 2:45. With a resume loaded with formal musical education and prominent displays throughout the Canadian jazz scene, Childs is known for leading the music on his drums and always offering a dynamic performance.
MusicFest kicks off at the Lake Stage at 1 when Stereo Three plug in. They’re a trio of locals – frontman Steve Orr on guitar and singing, Michael Orr singing plus bass, and Bill Rainbow on percussion as well as vocals. Their sound plays both ends of the scale, “from a soft, ambient ballad to a heavy fuzz-crunchy mess.” The three members of Stereo Three are survivors from other valley bands such as the Half Sacks, Finagin, Poor Louis, and Thinking Man.
The Mountain Stage lineup includes Pharis & Jason Romero, 36?, Devon Coyote and Bocephus King.
Tickets cost $50 at the gate ($40 after 6:30) or $45 online at Children under 12 are free.

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