Are You Ready for the Invermere MusicFest?

Checklist: Bands hired, sound, lights and stage, tickets selling, food, beer and sunshine…check, check and check! The IMF Committee is prepared and ready for their 3rd annual Invermere MusicFest! Now, are you ready? Tickets, Festival-chair, beach blanket and sunglasses? Check, check, check!

To grab your tickets for Saturday’s Festival, you can still buy the $45 ticket on-line till midnight, Friday August 21st. Just visit Otherwise there will be some tickets left at the gate starting at 12:30 pm on Saturday August 22nd for $50. For those of you who are busy during the day of the Festival, new this year is the Evening Ticket. Come for the last three bands starting at 6:30 pm.

Hungry or thirsty at the Festival? No problem. We have several food vendors serving up a variety of festival-food, like Italian Street Food, frozen lemonade, beef on a bun and more. Joining us this year is Ray Snertch and his coffee machine on wheels! We have also confirmed about a six artisan vendors this year selling a variety of festival clothing and jewelry.

Arrowhead Beer and Tinhorn Creek Wines will be serving up the refreshments again this year with the Festival grounds being one-large beer-garden!

With two-stages, there will always be a band entertaining the crowds, with plenty of room for dancing, wiggling in your seats and just general chilling and relaxing.

The IMF Sponsors ROCK…check out our website to see just how wonderful and supportive our community is. The Invermere MusicFest is destined to grow into a destination Festival for the Columbia Valley. C’mon down and join us!

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